Employee Discount Program Vendor Enrollment Form

EDP Vendor Form (May/10/2018)

  • UTEP Discount Program - Vendor Agreement

    • This agreement is considered a unilateral agreement and requires a provider to sign the form. The provider understands that the digital signature constitutes agreement with the above statements and substitutes for a physical signature on this form.
    • A provider must have a physical location with a valid mailing address and telephone number.
    • All providers’ products and services to be offered must be approved by UTEP.  Providers shall make their discounted products or services available on the same basis to all UTEP employees and students.
    • All providers’ discount offers must be added value or actual discount on products or services.
    • Providers shall keep their websites current regarding prices, products, services and availability.
    • Providers shall immediately notify the EDP Coordinator, via email to regarding any discounted items that have been discontinued or recalled.
    • Providers agree to participate in the EDP for one at least one (1) calendar year.
    • Providers shall complete a new Participation Enrollment Form each year to continue in the EDP.
    • Providers shall require all staff, faculty, students and retirees to present valid UTEP Identification when purchasing a product or service from provider.  Provider shall not solicit business from any UTEP employee on campus or contact an employee during the employee’s workday.  All contacts with the UTEP, verbal and/or written, shall be with the EDP Coordinator.
    • A provider may not disclaim knowledge of or responsibility for the authenticity or legality of the product or service.
    • A provider shall not use U.T. System or UTEP marks, logos, seals, or otherwise imply that participation in the program constitutes an endorsement of the products or services by U.T. System or UTEP.
    Discounted products or services owned or controlled by officers and employees of U.T. System or UTEP may not be displayed or offered under the EDP.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.