Provident Funding

Provident Funding


0.25% discount to the price of any home loan including refinances or new home purchases! At the time of loan application, reference discount code: M07LHL278.

You can also contact our business at 1-888-547-4050.

How to redeem: Insert discount code on application, or call us and we can have applied to loan application.

Texas Lending


Free Home Appraisal.

How to redeem: Present a recent check stub as proof of employment to your agent. Please also use your university issued email address when you sign up on our website.

1st Home Exchange

Home Exchange


30% off a Premium home exchange membership.

The home exchange concept is simple; “You stay in my home while I stay in yours.” Travelers save on accomodation related expenses. With homes in over 150 countries, makes it easy to enjoy almost free vacations anywhere in the world – Travlers pay only for getting to a destination. Additional information:

How to Redeem: Register and list a home via: