Rudolph Chevrolet

Rudolph Chevrolet


Discount on All new Chevrolet Cars, SUVs, and Trucks! Pre-Owned vehicles at our Red-Line pricing too.

How to redeem: Must purchase at Rudolph Chevrolet, Mr. Rick Todd is/will be the point of contact for all UTEP employees or their immediate family members.


Rudolph Chevrolet
5625 S. Desert Blvd.
El Paso, TX 79932
(915) 544-4321

Rick Todd




The new UTEP faculty member* would bring to us at 6555 Montana Ave., El Paso, TX, all paperwork (title, current state registration, insurance, etc.)

The vehicle would need a TSI (Texas State Inspection) and Green slip if it is an out of state title. The cost of the TSI is about $27.75. All paperwork would need to go to our Title Clerk to prepare documents. The new UTEP faculty memberĀ  would sign where applicable and our Title Clerk would get copies of their Drivers’ License, current insurance and a signature allowing us to conduct this transaction for them.

If the new UTEP faculty member wants a title for RPO (for registration purposes only) and wants to keep his original state title, we can do that, also. The new UTEP faculty member will recieve Texas plates and registration while still maintaining his title.

The new UTEP faculty member will pay for TSI, registration fees and $40.00 to Bravo to pay our expenses and the title company.

This can all be done in a matter of 2 days. The new UTEP faculty member will come to Bravo Cadillac with their paperwork, get the TSI here in our shop (we are a certified Texas Inspection Station), and the next day he/she will be able to pick up their plates.

How to Redeem: This is only for new or incoming UTEP faculty members, new to Texas from another state.


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How to Redeem: Type: UTEP2011 at checkout